Historically speaking, the knowledge and art of “tailoring,” cutting and sewing cloth, are the two basic aspects of constructing clothes from a pattern. For an extended period of time, the cloth had been the distinguishing feature of garments, and the weaver took most of the responsibility for the design.

But little by little, the tailor took on equal importance with the weaver, and gradually came to overshadow him. Master tailors eventually became responsible for the clothing needs of society, and the art and science of tailoring became a highly specialized, complex, and jealously guarded craft. Tailor Made Training and Consulting, LLC continues that tradition – with knowledge as our craft.

Tailor Made Training & Consulting, LLC is a privately owned limited liability company, owned by U.S. Army and Gulf War Veteran Patrick D. Cook. We specialize in the theory and practice of Technology and Leadership Training, as well as, Software Consulting Services. This includes, but not limited to, online retail and merchandising, social media marketing, computer and technology workshops, web design, training for new and mid-level leaders, and much, much, more!