Social Media Marketing

A few years ago, most firms were not as familiar with the benefits of social media sites for creating brand awareness and creating an online presence. Now that social media has become more "main stream", a noticeable paradigm shift has occurred in the attitude toward social media held by individuals, small businesses, and non-profit organizations.

Let us help you create the fastest and cheapest way to bond with your buyers and develop profitable, long-lasting relationships with people who are your biggest fans.   We’ll promote your business daily, weekly, or monthly and help you grow your network from hundreds to thousands. Plus we’ll let you know when people are talking about you, good or bad, so we can help you protect your business's image.

Social Media Premium Packages
Package Gold Platinum Diamond
Compare Features Price:  $77.99 Price:  $127.99 Price:  $227.99
Setup & Configure Blogger
Setup Facebook & Twitter
Blog Posts Once a Week
Social Media Integration
Setup and Configure RSS
Premium Ad Placement
Blog Posts 3 Times a Week  
Broadcast Specials  
Social Media Research  
Integrated Analytics    
Ads on Blogtalkradio    
Ads on our Blogs    

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